What we care about

We're doing our part to help create a more sustainable future.Through minimising waste, reducing carbon, providing training and jobs for local people and supporting local initiatives, we're putting people and the planet first. 

Every Step Safely

Keeping people safe is our number one priority and we work hard to make sure that every person who works for ESS returns home safely at the end of the working day.

Our safety ethos 'Every Step Safely' encompasses whole person wellbeing, and we focus on both physical and mental wellbeing for our people. 


Supply Chain Partners

Our ability to consistently manufacture world class products is underpinned by long standing collaboration with our trusted supply chain partners.

We choose to work with companies who share our drive for finding a better way as well as our commitment to safety, quality, sustainability, and training and developing people.


Become a Supply Chain Partner

Greener and cleaner

Recent studies have shown that modular projects can send up to 70% less waste to landfill when compared with traditional construction methods.

We operate a lean manufacturing approach, to maximise productivity and minimise waste; utilising BIM data we are able to review and refine our components parts and assembly processes, to remove inefficiencies and reduce embodied carbon, as well as making our products more sustainable.


Part of the Community

Offering one fixed place of work means we are able to offer training and employment to the people right on our doorstep.

We're also thinking outside the box when it comes to recruitment, and working with social enterprises offering training and placement opportunities to underrepresented groups and the long term unemployed.

Local supply chain of everything from timber and steel, through to sandwiches, cakes and snacks, we work hard to keep spend in the community, where its needed most. 

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