University of Kent

The Faculty of Science at the University of Kent comprises of a number of separate schools including Bioscience, Physical Science, Engineering and Digital Arts. The faculty’s ambitious growth plans were being restricted due to space constraints and although a new Life Science building was in the pipeline for 2020, a more immediate solution was required.

In order to allow the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (iBaMM) to begin its research work, more space was required as a matter of urgency. Although an interim measure, the University decided to invest in a permanent building which could be adapted and used by other Departments in the future. The benefit of our precision manufacturing process was that this much needed building could be constructed significantly quicker than using traditional methods.

The University also required an innovative design to maximise the use of the available corner site with its beneficial south facing position to facilitate the ease of movement between buildings and enhance the opportunities for students to use this attractive space. This was achieved through the use of a fully glazed full height wall extending the social space outside and flooding the new building with light.

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