Ten reasons to believe MMC is the future of the construction industry

Ten reasons to believe MMC is the future of the construction industry

As our sector continues to look for new ways to innovate to meet continued demand amid challenges such as climate change, supply chain pressures and inflation, we have pulled together ten reasons to believe in modern methods of construction (MMC). 

#1 Significant Time Savings 

One of the core benefits of MMC is that site works and building manufacture can take place concurrently, significantly reducing the programme for any project. 

While our on-site team prepares the location for the building (which can involve demolition, asbestos removal, reduced level digs, drainage and foundations); our offsite team is busy manufacturing the building which can be fitted out up to 85% with walls, floors, roof, mechanical & electrical, painting & decorating and external façade. As a result, MMC can cut up to 50% off a build programme.  

#2 Reduced Risk 

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) amalgamates a range of advanced approaches to construction, including offsite, near-site and on-site pre-manufactured elements and technology applications. 

We are all familiar with the traditional building process, from the ground up, where everything is done on site. In an MMC environment, we take that project, and using the latest design technology, we design out any inefficiencies and then manufacture it in a controlled factory environment. This approach involves reduced risk by offering an accurate and agreed programme, promotes cost efficiencies, and mitigates time delays. 

#3 Research & Development 

MMC is more reliant upon digital technologies and so is primed to take advantage of innovations within the industry which can enhance efficiency. We invest £1 million per annum in research and development, and we are focused on maximising the pre-manufactured value (PMV) of our buildings. By designing and incorporating prefabricated elements we deliver improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality. 

#4 Quality Control 

Our manufacturing process operates on a flow line basis where all sequences of works are carried out in a controlled manner, resulting in faster project times and higher quality. 

We adhere to the same building regulations and standards as traditionally constructed buildings. The precision offsite manufacturing process allows us to consistently achieve excellence in performance for fire safety; U values; acoustics and sustainability. 

#5 Design Flexibility 

Modular buildings have often been associated with “boxy” designs. However, MMC 
design has significantly advanced in recent years and offers attractive, flexible, award-winning design with strong architectural merit. We have a wide range of building projects that exhibit this and we strive to explore creative architecture and design through MMC. 

#6 Attracting Employees 
MMC has very definite advantages when it comes to recruitment as it opens opportunities to a wider range of candidates.  

Production facilities offer a fixed place of work and a reduced amount of travel to sites.  This lends itself to a more diverse workforce, for example women, who tend to be primary care givers for dependents. 

#7 Operating in live environments 

MMC significantly reduces the amount of time required on-site which has huge benefits for delivering projects in live environments such as schools and hospitals. 

We have extensive experience completing projects in live settings and we work with the client team to develop site procedures and phasing plans to ensure the operation of the hospital or school is not impacted by the works. This includes developing a live Construction Phase H&S Plan; Traffic Management plans; coordination of module installation with holding points off site for vehicles and a call-in system to avoid congestion in the surrounding area. 

#8 Sustainable Construction 

MMC manufactures offsite, this means we can control the programme and the quality, reduce waste and reduce the risks inherent in the traditional environment. All of our buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment which guarantees the highest standard of airtightness and insulation. 

#9 Health & Safety 

Using MMC means that a sizable portion of every project is manufactured in a controlled environment which allows for high quality and safety controls. When we move to site, we engage a dedicated Health & Safety point of contact during all high-risk activity and all works are controlled by approved method statements and risk assessments. 

#10 Evolution of Construction 

While the industry is looking for ways to build faster, more cost effectively and more sustainably, there is no one size fits all answer. 

Our projects are focused around driving high levels of pre-manufactured value, but we still use a network of traditional subcontractors in our controlled factory environment, as opposed to transient labour moving between sites. 

We strongly believe that we need to stop looking at MMC as a separate industry, rather we should see it as a natural evolution of the construction industry 

We believe that modular construction is the future and we are looking for energetic people who share our ambition to join us on our journey.