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With over 25 years in the industry, ESS is a leading provider of modular products, focusing on off-site solutions for clients in the public and private sectors.

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High quality, robust and compliant space to support the modernisation of your estate.

At ESS we use digital technologies, and factory-based, precision manufacturing techniques to reduce the time and costs associated with delivering a project. We plan, design, and manufacture our products in our UK based manufacturing facilities.

What We Do

Modular products offer a scalable, repeatable and cost effective solution for your estate with benefits including:

Modular products can deliver time savings of between 10 - 50% of construction time. This means buildings can be occupied quicker and generating income streams earlier.

A more rigorous design process, combined with precision manufacturing results in less waste and better performing buildings, all of which helps reduce carbon.

Moving site work to a factory significantly reduces risk, due to controlled processes, in a safer environment. Additionally, technology also helps reduce the manual burden associated with the process.

Carrying out processes in a controlled environment means defects are captured at source and significantly reduced, therefore the fit and finish is better.

The time required on site is reduced and modular projects are less impactful on those closest to it i.e. building occupants or the local community.

Modular products offer greater certainty around program, which results in better budgeting with fewer unforeseen costs.

Supporting people and the planet

At ESS we recognise the impact that our operations can have on people and the planet, and are working hard to create a more sustainable future for everybody.

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